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Whether you require a new sound system installation or an upgrade of your existing equipment you've come to the right place. We will provide you with a full analysis of your venue and recommend a range of solutions in order to give you a choice of options. Whether you're on a tight budget or you'd like a state of the art sound system we can give you impartial advice in order for you to achieve the best result within your budget. Please contact our installation team today on 0203 3026947 to set up and initial meeting and a site visit

sound system installations

As part of your initial consultation during the design phase, our installations team utilise d&b ArrayCalc. ArrayCalc allows our team to simulate level performance across the listening areas in a venue to ensue we achieve perfect results every time.

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We think getting the right balance of sound across an exhibition centre or a conference venue is imperative to the reputation of the venue. That's why we use system design software which take into account the layout and specific volume requirements throughout the venue allowing clear and audible sound reproduction.

sound system installations
sound system installations

Whenever people have to rely on technology to communicate, its quality becomes a crucial factor for success. Reliability, speech intelligibility, and ease of use are key here. Whether for a small meeting of the inner circle or a presentation before a large audience: Sennheiser offers user-friendly, highly developed system solutions in this field for just about every application.

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