Virtual Events

A virtual event is a large online event that involves people interacting on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. They often include multiple keynote speakers, breakout sessions and sponsor-led discussions.

Virtual events can use a variety of content formats, including live or prerecorded video streams, slide-based presentations, audio recordings, downloads and more.

Video Stream

The most crucial element of any virtual event is the video stream; our experience and expertise will ensure your video content is delivered at broadcast quality, with crisp clear sound and engaging graphics.

We have robust workflows in place for your remote host, speakers and panelists – we make sure the dial-in process is clear and hassle free. Test sessions for your remote speakers are also included in the package.

In addition to operating a fully virtual event with everyone dialling in remotely, we can also accommodate your host and a small number of presenters at our live studio in North London. From here, we can provide a branded background set and our production team will be on-site to produce and broadcast your event.

Event Platform

There are many suitable event platforms which offer a great audience experience, and we will work with you to choose the best fit.

The event platform will, first and foremost, receive our broadcast video stream for display to your attendees.

The platform you choose will be dependent on the core functionality you require, along with look, feel and ease of navigation.


This platform offers the closest visual match to the client’s existing website, where every element can be tailored to keep the look as ‘on brand’ as possible.

The microsite will be hosted and managed on our servers for the event, and can be integrated within your client’s domain url

A typical build includes a landing page, live stream, speaker listings and post-event video archives.


Event Partners & Sponsors
Your event partners and sponsors will usually have content to display. We can provide great value for your partners by playing video content in the stream, add logo overlays or even a dedicated page on the stream platform.

On-site Speakers
Our experienced video team can capture high quality, well lit video content from any speakers who will be on-site.

Remote Speakers
We can also assist with remote recording – for best results we can ship pop-up ‘step-and-repeat’ boards or green screens, to display company / sponsor branding in speakers’ video backgrounds.


Following the conclusion of your event we will have raw recordings available of every video source and the final output stream – in most cases on the same day.

All of our video files are output on the industry standard .mp4 format, for maximum compatibility across platforms and hosting providers.

Post-event, we can produce anything from a simple highlights reel to a full event edit – perfect for your website or social media. Your video will be cut together in our in-house edit suite, shot by shot. 

We will perform final touches including colour correction and sound mix, and add motion graphics and animations, and music as required..

Microsite builds will usually be kept live for 60 days post-event, but we can certainly extend this as required, and export any content for use on the main corporate website.