Funeral Live Streaming

Live Funeral Streaming & Memorial Services

If you have guests who cannot attend a funeral or memorial service, our live funeral streaming service may be the perfect solution. Your funeral can be filmed and broadcast in real time with the option to download the edited recording soon after. 

Funeral video streaming is most commonly filmed from fixed positions with two or three cameras positioned around the venue. Our virtual event and live streaming services means the footage from these cameras can be mixed live and broadcast in realtime to a streaming platform of your choice (usually YouTube via a private channel).  We can also capture footage in advance if required and can playback pre-recorded video or display pictures before, during or after the live stream. 

Our team will produce the live video footage adding graphics and titles and stream it to the online attendees via a private YouTube link or other private streaming platform. If there is no internet at the service venue that’s no problem, we can provide our own reliable 4G internet connection depending on location. 

We can also record and edit the funeral video which can then be downloaded or transferred onto DVD or Blu-ray media. The edited video will provide a meaningful element to the funeral or memorial service and allows mourners to reflect on their own memories in their own time. You can share the recording with future generations and send it to those who could not attend.

Funeral and Memorial Filming Services London

We carry out all our services in a respectful way ensuring video is captured discreetly and according to your wishes. We provide high quality online content with title pages, picture slideshows and graphics as required so you can share pictures with loved ones.

Funeral Video Package 1

£ 550
  • FIlming of service and burial with a single camera including operator
  • Live-streamed to a platform of your choice
  • Internet connection provided (4G signal required)
  • Post-funeral edit for download including basic graphics and titles
Funeral Streaming Package 1

Funeral Video Package 2

£ 850
  • FIlming of service and burial with two cameras including operators
  • Live-streamed to a platform of your choice
  • Internet connection provided (4G signal required)
  • Post Funeral editing for download including graphics and titles
Funeral Streaming Package 2

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