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Epiphan Pearl-2™

Epiphan Pearl-2™ is the easiest way to do live streaming, switching, and recording.

Manage your streaming, recording, and live switching in one place with this all-in-one video encoder and video production system.

Epiphan Pearl 2

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Epiphan Pearl Mini

The most reliable, all-in-one video production system that’s small in size and big on pro features.

Record, stream and switch up to three full HD video inputs from HDMI™, SDI, and USB sources. Epiphan Pearl Mini™ takes your video production to the next level.

Epiphan Pearl Mini Encoder

SRT Streaming

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Secure Streams

With end-to-end 128/256 bit AES encryption, valuable content is protected from contribution to distribution

Pristine Quality

SRT protects against jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth fluctuation, ensuring the best possible viewing experience.

Low Latency

Configurable control to deliver low latency video while overcoming the most demanding network challenges.

Epiphan AV.io 4K

The easiest way to capture 4K video

The plug and play Epiphan AV.io 4K™ capture card is auto-detected by Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. To capture HDMI video sources, simply connect the included cables from your video source to AV.io 4K then connect AV.io 4K to your computer via USB.

Epiphan AV io Capture Card

Epiphan Pearl Nano

Fine-tuned for your productions

Pearl Nano offers the ultimate blend of portability and versatility with a refined yet robust feature set that includes ingestion, encoding, HDMI pass-through, and recording. Use Nano as a powerful and reliable video distribution device or contribution encoder, or leverage the device’s streaming and recording functions as part of a more complex setup with additional production capabilities.

Epiphan Pearl Nano

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