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With over 10 years of experience within the Audio Industry, our team have the skills and knowledge to consult and design first-class, professional audio systems and installation. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience in combination with established relationships with suppliers enables us to offer competitive pricing on virtually any Audio, Video or Lighting products.

We’ll carry out an initial consultation, so we understand your sound system requirements and then provide a range of solutions allowing you to make an informed decision. We provide CAD drawings and schematics as part of our project delivery to aid planning and to minimise project delays.

The sound systems we supply are designed to be easy to use, robust and reliable and we only recommend and supply professional-grade equipment that is durable and proven to last. Our installation engineers are experienced and personable giving you a professional but relaxed experience.

Our team of professional sound system installation engineers have completed all the necessary training to ensure you receive a safe and reliable service of the highest possible standard. Our team of experts are able to complement our sound system services with audio visual and professional lighting equipment installations.

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What to consider when designing an audio system?

When you are building a commercial audio or a live audio event system you need to make sure you take a good look at your equipment specifications. 

Sound System Design

One of the first things you need to check is that your microphones and mixer are suitable for the applications that the system is needed for. You should also make sure the amplifiers are going to provide enough power to drive the speakers. You also need to consider what equipment is going to be right for the application. Our audio system design team will be able to advise from the start ensuring your installation and the equipment we provide are fit for purpose.


When you’re thinking about a home system, usually you are thinking about home theatre. You have a perfect eye level screen to your sofa; you have speakers that are set up just at the right spot to hit your ears at the sofa area. This surrounds you and gives you a feeling of being immersed in the entertainment experience. Many times, people will specify a commercial audio system such as: a CEO has a new home theatre, and he wants that experience in his boardroom, he wants his presentations to have the same wow that he gets from his surround sound system at home. A sound system design engineer’s job is to educate his or her clients as to the differences between the systems and the things that make that immersion so specific.

  • Number of rooms that need coverage
  • Size of each room and the materials in the room for the acoustics
  • Ambient noise levels
  • What input sources you will be using e.g. microphones, laptop or Zoom call
  • How you want to control the audio system
  1. Audio sources – such as microphones, music players or an internet video call (Zoom)
  2. Amplifiers – the number of amplifiers you need depends on the number of channels you require to achieve the desired control.
  3. Volume Controls – you can have one control for the overall volume or separate controls for each area/zone.
  4. Speakers – there are various types. You must use the right type to suit the environment in which you are installing the speakers.

What speakers do I use?

The type of speaker you use depends on the environment you are installing the speakers into. Here are a few examples of basic speaker types and where to use them:

In Wall/Ceiling Speakers:

These speakers are installed into holes either cut into ceiling tiles or drywall. The only visible parts of the speaker you see when these are installed are the grilles. This type of speaker is best in rooms with ceiling heights of 8′ or 12′.

Surface Mount Speakers:

These attach to a mount which is then screwed into a wall or ceiling. This is great for stone walls or exposed brick walls that cannot have in wall speakers installed. Surface mount speakers are usually weatherproof which makes them great for outdoor seating areas.

Pendant Speakers:

These speakers hang from above and project sound below in a cone shape. This speaker type has a consistent volume level for those seated in big rooms with high ceilings.

Sound System Design & Installation

Considerations about size and acoustics of the environment?

In a large room the physics quite often means you’ll need a multi speaker system so no matter where you are in the room the sound levels will be high enough to ensure audibility.  This is usually the primary consideration when installing a sound system in a room and has the greatest impact on the end result.

Sound is very fluid. When you are working with that fluidity and different rooms, there are usually many physical objects that soak up sound and reflect it. You can have the same sound system in a room that has for example more glass or tiled floor or a bigger table area. It is a completely different experience in other environments as you get different reflections and interactions between the sound waves. If the room has the same dimensions, height, width and length it can give you a couple of consistent properties, however everything in that room will react with the sound waves.

Sound is energy and the more energy you put in, the more reflections and interactions you get. Having microphones in a boardroom for example, we want them close to someone’s mouth, not on the ceiling near the air con or a buzzing light. Using the physics of the room, you want to lower those microphones as much as possible to get as close to the mouth as possible. Those measurements can all be found in the specifications of a microphone and state what it will do at a specific proximity to the sound source.

Ongoing Technical Support & Training

After fitting your sound system, we will provide comprehensive training in the control system for you and your team so you can operate the system with ease. If you need any further training at a later date, this is no problem and easy to arrange through us. We like to go above and beyond by providing ongoing support and maintenance for your audio system after installation. Our team can make regular visits to ensure your audiovisual system is performing as it should and to make any adjustments that you might require.

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