AV Engineers & Technicians

At Hire Frequencies, we understand that the success of any event hinges upon the expertise and professionalism of its technical crew. That’s why we take pride in offering a top-tier team of AV engineers who excel in their craft. Our engineers are not just highly skilled and motivated; they are also known for their friendly demeanor and courteous service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients. Continue reading for a glimpse into the remarkable talent that powers our events.

Engineering Services - Sound Engineers

Sound Engineers and Technicians

No event is truly complete without the power of sound to captivate and convey your message to the audience. Even with the finest sound system in place, the key lies in the expertise of skilled engineers and technicians to harmonise every element, ensuring flawless audio balance.

Within our extensive roster, you’ll find seasoned sound engineers and technicians boasting years of industry experience and an innate understanding of what it takes to orchestrate an exceptional event. Contact our dedicated productions team today for a comprehensive quote tailored to your needs.

Engineering Services - Lighting Engineers

Lighting Engineers and Technicians

In today’s event landscape, a stunning lighting display isn’t just desirable, it’s essential for creating that ‘wow’ factor. Whether you already possess your own lighting setup or rely on our production services, securing the expertise of top-tier lighting engineers and technicians is paramount.

At our disposal, we boast an exceptional roster of lighting engineers and technicians, affectionately known as ‘lampies’ to those familiar with the industry jargon. Reach out to us today, and we’ll gladly provide you with a customised quote tailored to your event’s needs.

Engineering Services - Video Engineers

Video Engineers and Technicians

When orchestrating a significant event with intricate video needs—whether it involves expansive video walls, large-scale projections, or seamless vision mixing—relying on the expertise of our seasoned video technicians is paramount.

Equipped with the latest tools and techniques, our video technicians ensure every aspect operates seamlessly, guaranteeing a flawless execution. Connect with our dedicated productions team today to explore how we can elevate your event to new heights.

LED Video Wall Engineers & Technicians

Our LED video wall engineers and technicians are the artists behind every mesmerising display, blending technology with creativity to craft unforgettable experiences. With their expertise and dedication to excellence, they collaborate closely with clients to bring visions to life, ensuring each event leaves a lasting impression. Trust in our team to illuminate your next gathering with brilliance and innovation.

Crew Rate Card​

  • Director / Vision Mixer – £500

  • Camera Operator – £400

  • Video Stream Engineer – £400

  • Sound Engineer – £350

  • Video Technician – £350

  • Zoom/Teams Call Operator – £350

  • Powerpoint operator – £250

  • Lighting Engineer – £350

  • Floor Manager – £400

  • Runner – £180  

Crew Prices (based on 10-hour day)

Overtime rates up to 12 hours @ pro rata / Overtime rates after 12 hours @ 1.5X pro rata

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