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Hybrid events incorporate in-person and virtual participation simultaneously. They take place at a physical venue with an audience, but they also have a live and interactive online element too. They can include a variety of settings, whether it’s a conference or webinar, that offer the virtual audience a way to participate. This could be via virtual meetings that feature the live streaming of content and dedicated chat rooms with live Q&As and virtual polls.

Hiring a hybrid events company to assist in hosting your event, will mean

that you are able to reach participants anywhere in the world. This results in having the possibility to engage many more people than simply those who choose to participate in person. There are also benefits in being perceived as an innovative forward-thinking company. Investing in hybrid event solutions and creating a hybrid experience usually means that content can be easily repurposed, as it is developed with remote online audiences in mind. This can prove to be incredibly useful for future marketing and advertising purposes and generating a buzz around your next event.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events offer a plethora of benefits that can prove hugely beneficial to businesses in both the short and long-term. This is because the fusion of an in-person event with a virtual one offers the best of both worlds – some of the main advantages are detailed below:


  • Increased Attendance
  • Greater Content Engagement
  • Maximise Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

Hosting a Hybrid Event

Hosting a hybrid event is not as simple as putting a camera in a room and live streaming the sessions. The content must be specially tailored for online participation – as a specialist hybrid events company we can advise you every step of the way. Care must also be taken to create an event which is not overly focused on the experience of the online participants. Our hybrid events solutions ensure that you are maximising the engagement of both the in-person and virtual audiences for a memorable event.

We can help ensure that you are replicating the experience of an in-person event as much as possible. This ensures that your audience will have a valuable and rewarding experience and it is an ideal way in which to host successful conferences, meetings and exhibitions as we continue to navigate through these challenging times. As a specialist hybrid events company, you can rely on our experience to ensure that your audience’s expectations are matched and that the content is  delivered to a high standard.

What Technology Do We Provide For Hybrid Events?

Cameras & Tripods

When looking into the right video cameras for a hybrid event, you need to consider a few things:

  • Will this be a panel discussion or an event that requires close-ups? 
  • Do you need more than two angles? In this case, you need multiple cameras. You’ll also need a switcher and someone to select the camera angles to show. 
  • You’ll need a camera that supports all screen sizes.
  • Is the intention to have your hybrid event in HD and will the stream support it?


High quality microphones are essential for a professional and successful hybrid event:

  • Wireless microphones are a great option as they appear better on camera and reduce ambient noise. 
  • When mics are accidentally left on, this can create a poor audio experience for a hybrid audience. Consider having an audio operator who shuts mics on and off.
  • Wireless handheld mics are also essential for Q&A, so questions can be clearly heard on the stream.

Streaming Hardware

In order to stream your hybrid event live to an online audience, you also need to consider: 

  • Webcasting gear 
  • A video switcher 
  • A streaming platform/service to which virtual attendees can connect 
  • Servers for storing and hosting streaming video (if the streaming service doesn’t provide this) 
  • Other standard AV equipment

Example Content

WI Hybrid Event
WI Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event for The National Womens Institute AGM
Live Stream for HRH Princess Anne
Hybrid Event for Evcom 2021


Hybrid events are a combination of live in-person events with a virtual online component that are shown to those attending online. Hybrid events are becoming more and more in demand and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. By utilising the expertise of our hybrid event specialists, turning your event into a hybrid one will ensure that you are maximising the number of attendees and amplifying engagement.

Hybrid events provide you with certainty during these challenging times. The number of in-person events is likely to remain low for the foreseeable future and even then, limited attendances are likely to persist in the medium to long-term. Even when the number of in-person events does start to increase, changes in attendees’ expectations are likely to dictate that the demand for hybrid events will continue.

Hybrid events are suitable for companies and organisations of all sizes. Most of the time they are utilised by companies looking to take advantage of the benefits offered by hosting events in both the online and offline spheres. Alternatively, they are also suitable for webinars and meetings if you are looking to include individuals who are not able to travel to the event, or if they are joining from overseas.

We are able to provide all of the equipment needed to make your hybrid event a success, including cameras and tripods, microphones and even the streaming hardware for your attendees to connect to. As a specialist hybrid events company, we possess a wealth of expertise to ensure that your event exceeds expectations.

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