Live Streaming, Virtual or Hybrid Events

If you are a business that hosts conferences or run events you are likely to be facing some very tough decisions this year. With lockdown restrictions being eased and companies beginning to look at putting on events this year, we are looking at a new normal for the events industry.  To account for social distancing you may need to consider doing your event virtually or as a hybrid event. This is where we can help!

Converting ‘in person’ events to a remote or hybrid (both live and online) version ensures stakeholders can watch and interact with the event. We offer customised packages to our clients, with a wide variety of options such as multiple HD camera streams from different locations with picture in picture and branded graphic overlays. This can be integrated with audience engagement services such as and presented in public or password-protected streams on the major platforms or your own website.

Whether you are running an awards night, a conference or a live performance, we can bring it online! Our production team are here to support you through the process, so if you need advice please give our team a call on 0203 3026947 or visit our website at

Live Events

We have supplied event production services for over 11 years for hundreds of companies at venues across the UK. We stock a large range of sound, lighting, audio visual, set and staging equipment in our equipment hire catalogue ensuring we can deliver a smooth and reliable service. It may be some time before the live events industry gets back on track so below are some options for bringing your event online.

Virtual Events 

Virtual events can use a variety of content formats, including live or prerecorded video streams, slide-based presentations, audio recordings, downloads and more. They come in many forms but our range of live stream options will help you bring any event online. Virtual events also require a platform on which the audience will view the live stream and other content. We offer options such as multiple HD camera streams from different locations with picture in picture and branded graphic overlays helping you engage your audience. Once you have chosen a suitable platform we will stream multiple tracks of video content to it for your audiences to enjoy and interact with. We have also built a live studio at our head office so we can film some elements (such as your event host) in the comfort of our live broadcast studio.

Hybrid Events

This is where we bring a live in-person and a streamed event together. We will set up your event as usual including stage, set and all audiovisual requirements and stream your event online providing the Q&A and polling tools allowing remote and physical delegates to engage, interact, and network with presenters and each other.