Head of Installs

Ritchie graduated with a BSc First-Class Honours degree in Music Systems Engineering at Bristol, the same course as Directors Will and Rupert; where he designed and built a high end studio monitor sound system in his final year. He followed this up with a Music Diploma at Music Everything in London specialising in music production and recording. He recently returned to the UK after 10 years in Brazil where he built and taught locals the operation of radio stations and assisted film production companies with their audio and aerial images. One of the highlights of this an expedition to the Amazon River Estuary to film a surfer on the tidal bore for the BBC documentary, “Forces of Nature”. The rest of the time he spent surfing, kite-surfing, playing capoeira, and mastering the production and consumption of the popular Brazilian beverage ‘caipirinha’.


“I have always loved music, particularly of the heavy guitar driven variety. Being concerned about equipment and high quality audio comes as second nature to me. The opportunity of being an integral part in the growth of Hire Frequencies was too good to miss!”