Festival Package 3

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Festival Package for audiences between 750-1500

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Festival package 3 brings a full line array sound system from d&b Audiotechnik. Consisting of their coverted T-Series line array loudspeakers and B618″ Subwoofers. This system produces outstanding sound quality and thumping bass and is incredibly versatile allowing it to be flown or grounstacked depending on your festival requirements. We also provide and midas M32 and a Behringer X32, 6 active monitors, and a range of Shure microphines ensuring you have full control over the stage sound and a range of microphones to suit most instruments.


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Product Specification
  • Make : d&b Audiotechnik
  • Model : T-Series
  • Dimensions :
  • HF Sound: 12 x d&b Audiotechnik T10 Line Array Loudspeakers. LF Sound: 4 x d&b Audiotechnik B6 18" Subwoofers, 2 x d&b Audiotechnik D20 Amps
  • Desk: FOH - Midas M32 R 32 channel digital mixing desk, Midas S32 Stage Box, 50m Cat5 Snake cable. Monitoring - Behringer X32 channel digital mixing desk
  • Monitors: 6 x RCF 4PRO 2031-AS Active Stage Monitors
  • Microphones: 6 x SM58, 8 x SM57, 1 x 6 piece drum mic set
  • Audience Size: 750-1500
  • Applications: Small Music Festival stages, community events, live concerts
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