Live Music Package 2

Live Music Package 2

Daily: £ 180.00
Weekly: £ 540.00

Pro standard high clarity 2 speaker sound system with 2 foldback monitors . Audience: up to 150 guests

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Pro standard high clarity 2 speaker sound system, sleek design & outstanding quality, 16 channel digital desk and Shure microphones


Make QSC
Model Audience Size: 100 - 150
HF Sound: 2 x QSC K12 Active Loud Speakers, 2 x RCF 312a (400watt Powered Monitors)
Desk: Soundcraft EFX12 12 Channel Mixing Desk
Microphones: 2 x Shure SM58, 2 x Shure SM57
Other: 2 x DI Boxes
Audience Size: 100-150
Applications: Small music venues, community events, acoustic and vocal performances


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