Wedding Package 5

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Large 8 speaker sound system with DJ Equipment, lighting effects & uplighters. Audience: 500 guests

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Large 2 stack speaker sound system (2 x 3 way tops + 4 subs) with 2 x satellite/delay tops for wide coverage. Ideal for weddings and party’s where you have 500 + guests and you’d like nightclub levels of sound. It also includes DJ Equipment and a great range of disco lighting, smoke machines and wireless up lighters, great value and ideal for most medium to large wedding venues.


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Product Specification
  • Make : QSC
  • Model :
  • Dimensions :
  • HF Sound: - 2x QSC KW153 3-Way 1500watt active speakers (FOH) - 2x QSC K8.2 1000watt active speaker as delay/satellite speakers
  • LF Sound: - 4x QSC KW181 18" 1000watt active subwoofers
  • Lighting/Effects - - 2x Chauvet Intimidator Beam LED 350 moving head light - 8x LED spotlights and 2x moonflower lights in sound-to-light mode - 1x haze machine (usage dependent on venue regulations/fire alarms) - all necessary stands and cables
  • DJ Equipment - 2 x Pioneer CDJ 900nx2 + Pioneer DJM 900nx2
  • Microphone - 1 x Shure SM58
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