AV Equipment

Hire Frequencies have been supplying the latest in audio visual equipment and professional event production services for over a decade. We are passionate about sound, lighting and video, and strive to provide outstanding service at every event. We regularly supply equipment to theatres, places of worship, universities, colleges, schools and for community events. Whether you need just speakers or a full event sound system for a large scale production or music concert, we can help.

Sound Equipment

The type of sound system you will need depends on the audience size and venue layout. For smaller events a few active speakers will be a cost effective solution. For large scale events we most commonly supply a ground stacked or flown line array. Line array sound systems allow us to direct the sound across the audience effectively giving consistent sound levels and high quality audio reproduction. We also consider ambient noise levels and venue acoustics when looking at system design. It is paramount that every member of the audience can hear the presentation to ensure audience engagement. 

We stock a wide range of PA systems including d&b Audiotechnik line arrays which allows us to utilise software to calculate sound pressure levels (SPL) in a room without setting up any equipment. This allows us to pre-program in advance of an event which helps us reduce setup time significantly.

Lighting Equipment

Indoor event lighting is often not top of the list of priorities for event planners. But it should be because event lighting solutions are key to the success of the event.  Event lighting is a key part of how the mood and atmosphere of a room can be set. This can be seen in the way that different colours and modes of light are capable of influencing people. 

Every type of light is best in different situations and for different needs. The type you end up using depends a lot on the individual effect you want to go for and how you want to make your guests feel.We supply a range of moving heads, strobes, blinders, battens, Pars, LED fixtures, hazers, CO2 and pyro effects. Our lighting specialists will design a suitable setup to help make your event look great. 

Video Equipment

Video equipment ranges from projectors to LED screens and video cameras to vision mixers. Video world (as AV companies call it) is one of the most complex areas of AV but is clearly the most visually engaging element at an event. 

In similar way to lighting you need to consider the mood and atmosphere of your event. This can be seen in the way that different colours and video styles are capable of influencing people. 

We supply a wide range of video hire solutions, including encoders & capture cards, LED Screens, video walls, projectors & screens, HD video cameras, video mixers and much more. Our video specialists will provide a suitable solution to help make your event look great and within budget.

If you would like to discuss your event in more detail or discuss audio visual equipment hire, please contact us and speak with our friendly events team. 

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