Nike Tech Exhibition

Venue: Beaconsfield Contemporary Art; 22 Newport St, London.

Stakeholders: Exposure PR

We were approached with a full brief highlighting four stages of the experience. 

As guests entered the space, they would be welcomed by a Tech Fleece retrospective.

Studio walls needed to  feature a mix of archive and new campaign imagery, as well as iconic moments that reflect Tech Fleece’s synonymous links to London.

Guests would be given a headset to plug into an audio journey, storytelling the cult status of Tech Fleece – narrated in signature style.

Product and campaign cues will also be displayed alongside imagery.

We worked closely with the client working on space designs to ensure we met their brief and expectations.

The space was arranged into three galleries. 

Gallery 1: Audio piece, Cool lighting

Gallery 2: Cool lighting and on product and wall 

Gallery 3: PA system, headset mics x5, tech support

Café: PA system

We designed a truss structure enabling lighting to be mounted above the space and supplied a state of the art media server to manage content and content management.

The experience required high quality audio with speakers rigged in a suitable position out of site of the attendees. 

We supplied a small pitch LED video wall to display the key video content.

Key Technologies

  • 1x 85” screen with 
  • 2x 50” Portrait ‘wings’ (USB content)
  • 1m x 3m totem video wall
  • 5 x 3m video wall
  • 12K Epson Laser Projectors 
  • 8 way rack with SQ5 – 6x headsets/2x Roving Mics
  • 2x CDD12 and 2x CDD8 PA
  • Robe 600E SPot with custom Gobo
  • Goliath T-bars with 2 hybrids and one profile  on each 
  • R2 Washes floor mounted washing Gobo
  • LED Zoom pars 
  • Chamsys PC wing control