Guide to Corporate Installs

As highlighted in our blog post “Why virtual events are here to stay”, we believe that, due to the pandemic and how it transformed the way we manage our professional relationships, virtual and hybrid events will continue to be a part of our lives at work.

In this article, we want to present a different perspective on how to approach virtual and hybrid events.

Depending on your company’s size and the nature of your business, chances are you’re attending at least one virtual meeting a day.

Having the facility to host a hybrid or virtual meeting whenever the occasion arises in house, can be a stand out feature of your company’s image and drastically improve the way you present yourself to clients and colleagues. 

At Hire Frequencies we see the move to virtual and hybrid events inevitable and necessary going forward, that’s why we’re here to facilitate it.

Having carried out multiple AV installations for many different companies, we’d like to take you through the various possibilities.

A modest investment can turn a basic meeting room into a versatile space which can be used for much more than just internal meetings.

A very simple set up with a projector, a screen or TV, some discrete speakers and a few microphones can drastically improve the quality of your daily calls.

The addition of a HD camera will also allow you to record your own presentations. Such space can therefore be used for a multitude of meeting formats, large or small, hybrid or completely virtual.

Also ideal for team training sessions, the standout features of this space are excellent visibility and clarity of sound.

This is an installation option with a fairly low visual impact which can really pay off  in the long run and.

Conference Room Audio Visual System

This is a smaller capacity room which can be used by a team for meetings, to brainstorm ideas, preview presentations or even 1 to 1 calls.

Usually centred around a large multi purpose screen, it will be very simple to operate and its key feature will be the speed and immediacy of set up.

Complementing the wall mounted screen, we suggest the addition of a pair of discrete speakers and microphones to ensure clarity of sound on both ends of the meeting.

Spot lighting is an optional feature which can be used for presentations, client training sessions and pre recorded content.

This is a small, well lit space which can be used by a single speaker for presentations, have 1 to 1 meetings or record instructional content for clients. Also very easy to operate, this space will require minimal to no set up or knowledge of AV systems, simply plug your laptop in and you’re good to go.

A single dimmable LED light panel will ensure optimal lighting of the subject, a directional small condenser microphone will capture sound clearly and a small speaker will be installed for playback. The HD camera can be mounted onto the screen or on a tripod for adjustability.

A version of this portable setup can also be booked by employees to take with themselves when working from home.

Our team have been carrying out a wide range of  installations since our opening in 2009, from corporate spaces to clubs and venues to places of worship, they’re the ones to contact when planning an AV installation. 

Get in touch today and we’ll help you make the most out of the spaces available in your place of work.