The Coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal for the world of business and the events industry. Many offices around the globe are now fully virtual, and concerts, events, and conferences are being held remotely. Everything is moving online for the foreseeable future and virtual events and conferences are here to stay in both the short and long-term.

Why do virtual events work so well?

Taking your events online provides a range of opportunities across a range of sectors and business types, including brands, educational institutions, commercial businesses, or even tech industry experts. Using video streaming platforms, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you are able to instantly connect people from around the globe, making your reach wider than ever before.

Nothing can ever truly replicate an in-person conference, where you can network and connect with experts face to face. However, virtual conferences are an extremely effective way to engage your audience, invite speakers who may be unavailable for an in-person talk, and use the latest technologies to enhance communication and collaboration. There are also hybrid events where you would have a smaller in-house audience as well as an online audience, meaning that you’re combining the best of both worlds.

Let’s take a look at some of the key points we’ve learnt here at Hire Frequencies, as well as benefits experienced by our many happy clients.

Virtual Events

Benefits of hosting a virtual conference

Save money

As you’ll be using online tools and working with a distributed team to plan the event, it is much more cost effective than an in-person conference. You also don’t have to pay for a venue, and live streaming costs are cheaper than bringing in an AV team. You will also save money on travel, food, and accommodation.

Marketing is instant and more effective

We are able to put events together in just a few weeks, and that means that our clients can start marketing through digital channels right way. A virtual event is still a pretty new concept, and people are intrigued and may be more willing to sign up.

Marketing for an online event allows you to continue reaching out to attendees, and you can share details about the event in real-time. For example, if someone forgot to sign up, they might see a Tweet about the event and can join the sessions instantly, instead of missing out on the event altogether.

Sessions can be spaced out and flexible

Another benefit of hosting a virtual conference is that attendees aren’t confined to staying in a hotel or being at a conference centre. As soon as a session ends, they can resume their daily business activities. They don’t have to feel restricted by having to attend sessions since many in-person conferences are exhausting with non-stop, back-to-back sessions, meaning that your attendees are going to be more engaged for the duration of the event.

Virtual conferences also provide more flexibility and convenience for attendees and sessions can be spaced out and less tiresome. This means they could ultimately be getting even more out of their conference experience.

More opportunities to connect

While in-person networking is an important part of being active in your industry, online conferences open up many more ways to connect. For example, most platforms allow attendees and presenters to ask questions, make comments, and connect with new people before the event. Creating a Facebook group is another way to keep the conversation going after the virtual conference.

Attendees can communicate their questions and ideas in real-time during virtual sessions, so they have a better chance of getting questions answered by speakers and by event hosts. They also have better access to information since the team can post valuable links and resources during the sessions.

Attendees can watch from anywhere

Virtual conference attendees can watch from the comfort of their home or office. They have the flexibility to participate from anywhere they have an internet connection. Another plus is that you can host more people with a virtual conference since you won’t have capacity limits as with physical spaces. This format can also make it easier for speakers and attendees to feel at ease, creating a more relaxed environment that supports open communication.

If you’re thinking about taking your conference online then get in touch with our experts today and start planning your first virtual event – we have the experience and expertise to exceed your expectations.