Live Music Package 6

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Large scale solution for live bands, music playback, public speaking and events. Audience: up to 500 guests

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d&b Audiotechnik T-Series cluster system. containing six T10 line array loudspeakers in clusters of 3 connetced to two 18″ B6 subwoofers on a winch stand. This ia a fantastic solution for live bands, music playback, public speaking and events of upto 500 people. This system requires one of our d&b trained engineers to set up the system and program the amp, so please get in touch about your particular requiremetns and our bookings team will happy to send costings for this service.


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Product Specification
  • Make : d&b Audiotechnik
  • Model : Audience Size: 300-500
  • Dimensions :
  • HF Sound: 6 x d&b Audiotechnik T10 Loudspeakers, 2 x d&b Audiotechnik B6 Subwoofers, 1 x d&b Audiotechnik D20 Amp, 4 x RCF 312a (400watt Powered Monitor)
  • Desk: Behringer X32 - 32 Channel Digital Desk, 1 x Behringer S16 Multicore with 8 Returns
  • Microphones: 4 x Shure SM58, 4 x Shure SM57, 1 x Shure PG series 6 piece drum mic set
  • Other: 8 Way DI Boxes
  • Audience Size: 300-500
  • Applications: Medium to large music venues, Pubs, Clubs, Community events, Live concerts
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