MA Lighting grandMA2 light

£650.00 (£780.00 inc VAT) / night

The grandMA2 light is the ideal tool for controlling white light, moving lights, LEDs, video and media

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The grandMA2 light features 4096 parameters, 15 executor motorised faders, and two touch screens. The console provides intuitive and fast control of all fixtures and channels, and can handle almost any number of presets, thomann cues, pages, sequences and effects. Excellent as a stand alone console, or as a back-up solution to the full size grandMA2


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Product Specification
  • Make : MA Lighting
  • Model : grandMa2 light
  • Dimensions : 935 x 204 x 652mm
  • Real-time control of up to 65,536 parameters per session in conjunction with MA NPU (equivalent to 256 DMX universes)
  • 4096 HTP / LTP parameters
  • 6 DMX outputs
  • 2 Internal TFT wide mode touch screens (15.4" WXGA)
  • 2 External TFT screens can be connected (UXGA, can also be touchscreens)
  • 15 Motorised executor faders
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