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Combining very high output capability with exceptional sonic performance, coverage control and consistency, the XE500 is the ultimate, high SPL stage monitor. Its Coaxial Differential Dispersion drive unit comprises a powerful 15” (380mm) LF driver with a 3.5” (89mm) voice coil, and a 1.4” (35mm) exit HF compression driver with a 3” (75mm) pure titanium diaphragm. Both drivers feature powerful neodymium magnet structures to maximise performance and reduce weight.

Utilising Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology, the XE500’s horizontal coverage varies from 60° directly over the monitor, narrowing to 30° further back. This not only maintains the sound level and balance independent of distance from the monitor, it produces a well-contained coverage ‘corridor’ at head-height. A patent-pending, contour-moulded static third waveguide greatly increases the effective size of the horn mouth to extend pattern control down to 500Hz, reducing sound spill outside the ‘corridor’.

The XE500 enclosure is constructed from multi-laminate birch ply, with integral ergonomic handles and finished with a hard-wearing paint. A strong, perforated steel grille with an acoustically transparent cloth backing provides protection for the Coaxial Differential Dispersion driver, while moulded feet on the base prevent movement onstage with additional rubber feet on the side panels providing added protection if the monitor is upended when carrying.

Frontal reflex ports couple with the floor to increase LF output and inbuilt risers can be used to increase the monitoring angle. Easy to manoeuvre, its exceptional performance and ‘corridor’ coverage make the XE500 the new definitive, high SPL stage monitor.

XE Series monitors are designed as a complete system with the iK42 4-channel Class D Amplifier, offering a unique combination of power and audio performance seamlessly combined with advanced DSP, proprietary VU-NET™ software control and Dante™ digital audio networking. State of the art components and a finely optimised design results in generous power reserves that ensures pristine sound quality is maintained even under the most extreme conditions. As well as maximising the capability of the monitor, this ensures that the monitor engineer and artist can be confident that they will experience this same high level of consistent performance from an XE monitor anywhere in the world.


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Product Specification
  • Make : Martin Audio
  • Model : XE500
  • Dimensions :
  • Very high-SPL, compact two-way stage monitor
  • Coaxial ‘point source’ performance
  • Differential Dispersion™ technology for consistent coverage
  • Defined, rectangular coverage plane at head-height
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