Streaming Package 4

£2,000.00 (£2,400.00 inc VAT) / night

Large event streaming package

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Three Pro HD video cameras on a tripods with one camera operator. Broadcast engineer to vision mix and control the live stream. Up to six Wireless lapel microphones, goosenecks mics or sound recording from another source. Live streaming to Youtube, Facebook or client’s platform. FullHD 1080p recording and delivery. Digital file delivery via dropbox or external hard drive (additional cost).


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Product Specification
  • Make : Streaming Package 3
  • Model :
  • Dimensions :
  • 3 x Canon XA15 Full HD Video cameras with Monfrotto fluid head tripods
  • 6 x Wireless lapel microphones, gooseneck mics or ambient microphones
  • 1 x Epiphan Pearl Mini
  • 2 x Camera operators 1 x Broadcast Engineer
  • Live streaming to Youtube, Facebook or client's platform FullHD 1080p recording and delivery
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