Audio-Technica AT4051b

£25.00 (£30.00 inc VAT)

Cardioid Condenser Modular Microphone



This versatile modular microphones may be used with confidence in a wide variety of professional miking applications. Featuring direct-coupled balanced outputs for clean signals in high-output conditions, the AT4051b is totally free of the distortion asso


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Product Specification
  • Model : AT4051b Cardioid Condenser Modular Microphone
  • Dimensions : 6.5 x 11 x 4 cm
  • Element Externally polarized (DC bias) capacitor
  • Polar Pattern Cardioid
  • Frequency Response 20 - 20.000 Hz
  • Low Frequency Roll Off 80 Hz, 18 dB/octave
  • Open Circuit Sensitivity -34 dB (19.9 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa
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