Outline T218 Subtech Subwoofer

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High efficiency subwoofer with two 18″ long-throw woofers

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High efficiency subwoofer with two 18″ long-throw woofers with special aligner to maintain performance through the years.
Very high power handling (6000 Watts AES peak) and maximum sound pressure (143 dBSPL peak at 1 metre). Also available in high-power self-powered format with the same possible standard performances.
The woofers are fitted in separate chambers to ensure operation even in the event of the breakage of one component; it is possible to connect two different signals, stereo and/or the use of two separate amplification channels.


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Product Specification
  • Make : Outline
  • Model : T218 Subwoofer
  • Dimensions :
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: (-10 dB) 26Hz_ 500Hz (3 dB) 35Hz_ 350Hz
  • POWER - WATTS AES: Cont. = 1500, Peak = 6000
  • MAX DB SPL: (peak @ 1 m) Cont. = 137, Peak 143
  • Connectors: NL4FC
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