Martin Audio DX 0.4

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Networked System Controller

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The DX0.4 is the ideal processing tool to partner the
ADORN, CDD and BlacklineX ranges or indeed any system
where comprehensive system control and protection is
required, perhaps where there may be budget constraints.
The DX0.4 offers a substantial array of processing options.
Routing is freely assignable from the 2 inputs to the 4
outputs. Input and output equalisation is available with a
choice of 16 filter options. An input noise gate will help
deal with noisy signal sources. Input and output delay is
available to time align components in a system. Crossover
filters with slopes from -6dB/octave up to -48dB/octave are
available in the three most popular filter types, and a twostage limiter; program and peak, will protect your speakers
from damage due to excessive power.
The processor feature 32 User Memory locations to store
popular configurations and settings can be exported to a
file via the dedicated PC application. PC connectivity is
available via a front panel USB port for quick and easy
connection of a single processor, but larger systems with
several processors can use Ethernet or RS485 network
A very useful function is the ability to recall entire output
channel configurations and a comprehensive library of
output files for Martin Audio products is available making it
very quick and easy to create exactly the configuration you
need even where the system utilises products from several
different Martin Audio ranges.
The DX0.4 features professional grade specifications to
ensure the best possible sonic performance from your
Martin Audio system, ideal for a wide range of portable and
installed applications.


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