Outline “Butterfly” C.D.H. 483 mid/high pack

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Line array element for mid-low, mid and high frequency reproduction.

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The C.D.H. 483 Hi-Pack is the Butterfly systems element for mid-low, mid and high frequency reproduction. Weighing just 34 kg. the cabinet has an unmistakable shape which brings to mind the butterfly from which it takes its name, thanks to the triangular opening in the upper and lower_sides. This original design solution favours the optimum coupling of array elements up to the highest frequencies, keeping the distance between the sources as short as possible and at the same time providing them with a continuous loading_baffle.


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Product Specification
  • Make : Outline
  • Model : CDH483
  • Dimensions :
  • MAX SPL @ 1 m Low/Mid 139db, High 141db
  • Low drivers - 2 x 8
  • Hi-mid drivers - 2 x 8
  • High - 1 x 3
  • Weight = 34kg
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